The Erfolog Chronicle


After arriving at the obelisk we all took a moment to study the carvings that adorned it. It was during this time that the quiet one made his escape. I am done chasing someone who wants nothing to do with me. The rest of the group concurred and left him to wander around in solitude. It was then that my traveling companions and I heard a mysterious voice. It echoed in our minds and indicated the presence of a powerful being. We could not locate the source or intention of the creature that spoke to us but it became clear that he wasn’t actively trying to kill us. At least not yet. As such, we made preparations to continue our journey. I ran up a tree and broke through the canopy to scout the area ahead of us. It was from this new vantage point that I noticed smoke in the distance. The color and size led me to believe that it originated at a forge. I reconvened with my party and discussed our options. We were all excited by this new sign of civilization and were eager to venture towards it. The travel was simple at first. We didn’t encounter any new tribesman or particularly dangerous beasts but the voice resurfaced in our heads. He identified himself as Ervock. This dark figure is the spirit of some long dead necromancer. He was released during our exploration of the crypt but doesn’t seem to be bound to us. We chose to ignore him for the time and continued on our way. We eventually reached a thicker grouping of trees. It became increasingly evident that the path ahead of us was unbeaten and shrouded in darkness. After devising a formation and affirming a need for subtlety Chi surprised us all. She has the ability to enhance the senses of those around her. She simply meditates and focuses her energy to manifest the ability. We protected her as she gathered the strength she needed. Her skill allowed us to see clearly in darkness and negated the need for torches as we traveled. We moved silently and swiftly through the thicket. Firahd, who led the way, noticed strange blankets of webbing woven through the trees ahead of us. Lokrathe cleared us a path with a gout of flame. The heat and light it produced summoned an impossible amount of spiders to our location. Among them were a few that stood taller then us. It was all we could do to punch a hole and escape before it closed. We exhausted our energy running for as long as we could. The voice returned. We bored him by fleeing. He summoned a horde of undead hands to amuse us. Lokrathe twiddled his fingers, mumbled some words, and made short work of them. Spellcasters amaze me sometimes. We continued on and made camp as soon as we found an area that seemed safe. I lit a fire, hunted a boar, and cooked some food for us. We also found a river a short distance away. We refilled our water skins and foraged for rations. It was here that we stumbled upon a corpse and some treasure. I’m sure that there was a larger story to unearth but we poked around enough subterranean structures for one week. We ended up at a great wall after traveling for a few more hours. It was the settlement we sought. Our welcome was surprisingly warm. We may have found the safe haven that we have been searching for.


BakaPenguin bj_username

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