The Erfolog Chronicle

Chi's super secret diary of secretness.

Entry 1

The ruins was a bad idea to go into and I told everyone it was a bad idea, it spelt death!

I don’t know how great Lokrathe in seeing things that aren’t there but I saw death written on the walls and everywhere! Once we entered we saw a big tomb thingie in the center and I said I’ll wait outside and everyone should do the same but no, Lokrathe walks over and opens it!

Luckily nothing was in it but stairs leading into a darkness, now my hopes for the group rose when they decided this was a bad idea….only because it was to dark to see. After some wall spikes and skellingtons(I never knew a skeleton could turn its head around with an arrow sticking out of its head) If it weren’t for the vibe from the grumpy human gives all of us I would of just stood there in the room with him(and I really should have).

After a close encounter with dead things(called it) and a super shiny suit of armor(didn’t see that coming) we found our way to the bottom of the tomb and found another tomb and I guessed that it was another set of stairs but then why have normal stairs then another set of hidden stairs? But when Lokrathe open the crypt he found a bag. Then pops out a glowing floating thingie I think the grumpy calls a lesser beholder? specter? one of those two. Whatever it is, it’s creepy scary and after we killed it I ran, fast(sorry sis).

After everyone reunited we decided to rest in the room with the tomb with the….thing you keep the dead body in i etched my name into the tombs wall, if anyone who could read common sees it maybe they could find us and help. If I go another day without a bath I will go crazy!

Entry 2

I am fully confident that this island wants to kill us. Once we left the ruins and continued on the path we traveled and sure enough we immediately get ambushed by these scorpion butts on their shoulders. My big sister would have been proud of me though, I took out four of those humans at once and punched the spine of another human and cracked it to pieces! I just wish she were here….I miss her a lot. If its not the humans that want to kill us its the animals! They wanna eat us, the humans want to kill us (some), even trees want to kill us. trees, TREES! Well…a sassy tree, and thanks to that experience i now know what a shrub looks like staring angrily at someone.(Totally sorry for Firahd but that was so funny)

Our wood elf Firahd shot an arrow at a tree, Firahd the wood elf just out of no where, i am not joking. After seeing this we decided to move faster away, We could feel something was wrong with this tree and the arrow in its bark marked it.(duh) We walked in a complete circle without walking in a circle. Then as our wood elf (Who shot the arrow mind you) went to retrieve the arrow before further bad things happen to us…again.

Turns out the tree was alive and almost smashed Firahd. I told her to hug it and apologize! But does anyone ever listen to the small dragon child? Noooooooo. Needless to say we made it out of there alive, no thanks to Hedrius who missed a shot at the tree. I think none of us will ever let him down that he missed a tree with a bow and arrow.(poor human)

After those turn of events we made camp under a canopy under heavy rain…The dirt and grime area really starting to piss me off, If I don’t find a lake or a river soon I’ll cry…I want my teddy bear and warm bed…


BakaPenguin d3rped

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