The Erfolog Chronicle

Lokrathe's super secret journal!

the end of one, the beginning of another..

I always thought waking up on a strange island was one of those hypothetical questions people always ask you.. needless to say i know what i would bring.. a friggin army!
everything out here wants to kill you, including the dilapidated structures that why they call them ruins?

I have no idea how in the nine hells i survived that storm, the ship was battered nearly to splinters but not me! i woke up on a beach, along with less than a handful of other survivors..
(i use this term loosely because so far survivng is something we seem to be having to relearn.)

- Theres a silent one with his head in his books or up his ass.. i cant tell yet.. maybe i havent decided.
- Another one seems to be full of great ideas and very resourceful
- A third is inquisitive and pretty spry, but i think we make him nervous or maybe hes having a bad day..
- The fourth is some sort of dragonthingy.. im not sure..but it can breath fire thats cool..
im not so sure those things are useful in society.. but smack dab in the middle of nowhere when everything wants to kill you.. there are no coincidences.

not even awake for an hour and there are giant axe-faced birds hunting us..
one of us took a pretty nasty shot to his chest, he’s lucky to have survived.

while walking i stumbled upon some sort of insect swarm trap.. i got out, but they didnt care
they almost ate the dragonthing.. but between me and the other caster we got rid of the pesky critters.

and then..

we found an old ruined mausoleum and a sarcophagus in the middle containing a stairway down.. most of them thought it was a bad idea.. but me.. i knew it was a good idea..
what could lie down here in this undisturbed tomb.. so many people bury their dead and revered with valuable items and ancient knowledge!
there has to be something of use down there!
besides its not like getting off this island will get us back to safety..

i feel so much stronger now, perhaps a step in the right direction.. the path is paved with danger but its just training for what lies ahead..


BakaPenguin Fishface

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