The Erfolog Chronicle

real fear

the chronicles of death!

after having rested and gotten our strength back, we (the survivors of that ridiculous shipwreck) found another group of individuals that look to be strong enough to handle them selves out here in this harsh environment, i wanted to learn a little more about our new friends, so me and hedrius went with a few of them to speak with the panther tribe.
upon arriving they were being attacked by the scorpion tribe, as well as elemental fire spirits
when rhogar saw what the panthers were doing to the fire elementals he thought it would be a good idea to feed them a bit of their own medicine.. except when we actually met the king fire elemental it turns out he was interested in giving us a taste of ours instead..
and boy was it bitter!!
not to mention, this big mouth bard, who does nothing but hangs off the scaley testicle sack of rhogar was the sole reason we almost lost that fight… he cant be trusted.. he actually put rhogar to sleep while he was fighting that thing..and then it pretty much carved him into a fine sunday dinner.. then the bard started crying as if he didnt know the consequences of putting your allies to sleep while fighting a bloodthirsty monster!
luckily that pest ervok was around and resurrected him but damn that was a scare!
we defeated him.. and then out of nowhere the panther chieftan shows up through a damn secret entrance.. WTF?!
we leave there, only to be thrown into another fight.. it seems were doing alot of work for these damn tribesmen
and they dont even trust us…
we found that the attacking scorpion army is useless without the powers of thier dwarven leaders..yea.. DWARVES! we made short work of them.. while i took a much needed nap on the battlefield.. when i awoke i can only assume that rhogar killed everything because the entire army was gone and the penthers were up on the wall cheering..
aladar give me strength i hope i get off this island soon!


BakaPenguin Fishface

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