The Erfolog Chronicle

The chronicles of New Dale Colony.

Told by Morthos

First things first, we spent some time at the camp to rest, study, pray and practice our craft. It was needed, if it wasn’t for Rhogar, I feel that we might not have come back. I didn’t get to spend much time with our Half-Orc shaman much, seeing as I think we don’t see eye to eye much, but still a good person to have around when things get rough. Me and Mathias on the other hand, spen a good deal of time together. He has a strong calling to the magic arts and needed some tutelage. I showed him what I could, I never had any formal training myself, but I could show him some basic hand motions and power words. Now, poor Milo, not much to say about him at all. We all saw him only a few times, trying to hide about and drop some eaves. Let not forget about every ones greatest Rhogar, he was trying to help the people here to defend themselves from everything but all he did was just hit them with sticks. We found it pretty funny.
Now on to bigger and better things. During some down time from our daily camp things, a SHIT ton of hands came marauding over the walls. Que battle music, Rhogar, Mathias and I blasted them spells and acidic bile to hold them off while Bar went to go see what was over the wall. She got up that wall like a Jackmonkey on pixie dust, then that thing left in a hurry and all the hands with it. End battle music. We ran hastily after it, it was kind enough to leave a trail of dead jungle to follow it. Came up to a clearing with a hut being built, then HANDS falling out of trees. Short battle, not even worth music. The hut just EXPLODED in flames! Out came a man yelling slander at us, but Rhogar knew how to speak his tongue. We was told about a wreck on the beach where this thing came from so we went there. Nothing really to say about this wreck, just found a few wands I believe. We heard the sounds of battle so we went off. We saw to tribes fighting, one was wearing snake scale buttflaps and the other had scorpion shoulders. Talk very quickly and ran off to aid the snake in their fight. Que epic battle music. The fighting lasted for days, Rhogar was like a murderous poet with his sword, every swing killed five people. Bar was summoning ancient spirits and healing rains to aid us in the glorious war. Mathias stood out, wearing that golden fullplate, those scorpion people threw everything they had at him and nothing could pierce it. We fought on all the way to a to the Snake people’s home. End epic battle music. Rhogar got challenged to a honor duel by the chieftain, lost in the fight, because the chief cheated. We eat and slept as honored guest and only awoke to EPIC BOSS FIGHT BATTLE MUSIC! It was this thing that we was hunted all along! We named it a hag and it brought a floaty skull pet( I kinda wanted it as a pet, but it was all killy) I ended up battling this skull that floats while the other took on the Hag. The skull could not touch me since I knew the lost art of the Five D’school, dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge. If you use those simple steps at life you cant loose. Sadly for the other they never went to Five D’school, so I played a haunting melody and put that thing to sleep, then they murdered it. I know anti climatic, but it worked.
We got back to here the camp chanting RHOGAR! RHOGAR! RHOGAR! Told the tell of our epic fights. to only find out there were new people with us now. But that is for another story, for now, I need some food and to laugh at Milo for a couple of hours. Oh yeah, he was locked up in a cage this whole time. I wonder if he ate or drank anything, I really don’t care. Night world, QUE closing theme and roll credits.


Glorious. This gave me a BROner

The chronicles of New Dale Colony.
BakaPenguin morelune

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