The Erfolog Chronicle

The Wilds: Part 1

Jungle Adventures and New Comrades

Entry 1:

To whom it my concern,

My name is Rhogar of clan Yarjerit, I write this now as a record of my journey. I am currently stranded on a continent which the humans who accompany me are calling “The Wilds”. I am here now as a result of a shipwreck caused by a shitty human helmsman who is now dead. Justice. I fled my homeland of Xanacar after the attack of Bhaalfolgahg, that cursed snake, and since then I have only known hardship. Now, my burden grows.

Food, supplies and more importantly ,strong drink, are scarce. I do not know how much longer we will last here in the confines of this derelict fort. Multiple parties of humans have been sent into the jungle to gather food and look for supplies, many come back missing members and some never come back at all, weaklings.

The ‘leader’ of this makeshift band of refugees is Orik, not someone I would consider noteworthy in any way, but the other humans seem content enough to let him guide them. I will follow for now.

There are only so many days these humans can go without food and those in my makeshift encampment seem to be nearing their limit. At the behest of Orik I will travel with a band of misfits into this hateful jungle and retrieve the supplies we so desperately need. There are four others. The first, a large half-orc woman who says she will make herself useful, but I don’t see how. I am sure her mammalian milk sacks will only slow us down in our trek through the wilds. The second, a human ‘warrior’. I have not seen him in combat and cannot comment on his worthiness. He will be tested in the jungle. The third is a tiny half-man. He may be useful only for gathering mushroom and roots from small holes which are too small for others. At worst we can use him as bait. The forth is small half-demon, he is quite, I am not sure what to think of him, maybe also bait.

We are gathering now to venture into the heart of the wilds. When I return I will notate how the others died.

Entry 2:

We have all returned gloriously! We journeyed far across the island and learned much, far more than any of the other parties before us. All of my party members exceeded my expectations. It turns out the woman is a healer, which came is useful as the tiny ones were almost eaten by bears and undead respectively. The human turns out to be a warrior of great skill, for a human. We struck down many foes together. There were also manly high-fives. The small half-man has very keen eyes and alerted me once to a trap. Not that I hadn’t seen it already, but it showed initiative on his part to inform me. The half-demon also saved us from being buried alive with his quick thinking. He used an explosive trap meant to bury us as a means of escape. I thought of the same thing only moment before, but I let him execute the strategy. All may share in my glory.

We located another fort across the island filled with many supplies including a small fortune of salt. After constructing a sturdy sled of my own design I alone dragged the cargo across the island for 3 days with no rest as the others sat upon it cheering my name.

Upon on successful return Orik showered me with praise. There was some ale left which had been kept in hiding and it was given to me as a gift. Even as I write this I am finishing my 12th glass. It is good to be Rhogar.



The Wilds: Part 1
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