Most of Aldara is a lifeless wasteland known as the Endless Desert. On the coastline live the Taal, a partially nomadic people who roam the coasts living off the sea. They have four permanent ports, but most Taal travel following the native fish populations and search the coastal waters for precious black pearls.

Beyond the vast deserts, at the heart of the continent, stand the mighty Wyrmridge Mountains. These peaks are home to a volatile mix of Orc clans, Barbarian tribes, Dwarven mines and Giants. Only the strong, brave or stupid venture into the Wyrmridge unprepared or ill-equipped.

The lush Huldra Valley is located at the very center of the Wyrmridge, and is the only place on all of Aldara where agriculture is possible. The Huldra is home to a thriving community of semi-independent cities ruled by the Governor of the Valley, who resides in the capitol of Holben’s Keep.

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