Character Creation Rules

Character Sheets

You may keep your own sheet in any form you want for play. But, every player is required to create a character sheet within the Characters section. This sheet MUST be updated at least once a week prior to Sunday night.


Use the Point-Buy variant rule in the Player Handbook.


You will be starting in one of two parties at the beginning of the campaign, placed at random. The two starting Origins are below:

Ryan’s Origin – A New Frontier

The fearsome black dragon Bhaalfolgahg has corrupted the leaders of Zen and turned them upon the U.R.C.S. Fleeing the devastation, you have joined a band of explorers and settlers setting sail for the recently discovered lands known as the Wilds. Surely, a brighter future lies ahead.

Jack’s Origin – Huldra Valley Refugees

The evil minions of the Dragon-God Erfolog have overrun the Huldra Valley and continue to expand outward to all of Aldara. Those who have managed to flee to the ports Ra’taal, Rahl’taal and Shal’taal board the last ships off the forsaken continent. You find yourself among those fortunate few and aboard the Swift Beauty, an old, creaky merchant galley bound for Kelt.

Starting Equipment

Every player will have 75 Gold Pieces with which to purchase gear from The Bazaar. You may only purchase starting gear from these lists. Be aware that you only have what you purchase, and you start with nothing. Yes, this means you have to buy clothes to not be naked, armor does not count as clothing. Any remaining gold pieces are lost after character creation. You will begin play as penny-less refugees/settlers with only the gear on your backs..

Character Creation Rules

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