Prologue - Erfolog's Rise

Over a thousand years have passed since Aladar, the Light last set foot on Caldaire to stop the Dragon-God Erfolog and his spawn. Aladar was unable to destroy the Dragon-God, but instead he managed to seal the powerful being within a vault deep underneath the Wyrmridge Mountains of Aldara. Though he was defeated, Erfolog’s many loyal worshipers went into hiding to prepare for his return, believing it was only a matter of time before he would rise again.

They were right.

After a millennia of imprisonment, a small band of heroes from the secluded Huldra Valley unintentionally released Erfolog’s darkness upon the world of Caldaire once again. While attempting to rescue their countrymen from Erfolog-worshiping Dwarves, these heroes inadvertently disrupted a powerful magical seal, freeing the Dragon-God. It didn’t take long for Erfolog to rally his ancient followers and shatter the meager defenses of the peaceful Huldra Valley. With their homeland overrun by Erfolog’s forces, the survivors quickly fled. Even the fearless barbarian tribes of the Wyrmridge Mountains were driven from their ancestral lands by the Dragon-God’s might.

Though they were helpless to stop Erfolog’s rise, the heroes of the Huldra Valley took from him his greatest treasure: A demonic mirror capable for sending armies anywhere in the world. After destroying the mirror, the heroes became Champions of Aladar, and escaped to seek further answers in their quest to rid the world of Erfolog’s evil once and for all.

Meanwhile, across the sea on the continent of Zen, Erfolog’s return was noticed by one of his kin: Bhaalfolgahg, an ancient and powerful black dragon. His fearsome presence alone was enough to turn whole armies back toward their homes. Sensing the Dragon-God’s renewed presence, Bhaalfolgahg set in motion his own terrible plans. The Kingdom of Zen fell quickly to his talons, and it’s defending forces were driven mad by his corrupting influence. Those twisted soldiers then rampaged across the rest of the continent by his command, leaving only confusion and devastation in their wake. Refugees flooded the coastal cities, desperately seeking an escape from the violence that now consumed their homeland…

Prologue - Erfolog's Rise

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