The Bazaar


Name Cost
Padded 5gp
Hide 10gp
Chain Shirt 50gp
Shield 10gp


Name Cost
Dagger 2gp
Handaxe 5gp
Mace 5gp
Shortsword 10gp
Quarterstaff1 Free
Sling 1sp
Shortbow 25gp
Light Crossbow 25gp

Adventuring Gear

Name Cost Name Cost
Crossbow Bolts (20) 1gp Arrows (20) 1gp
Backpack 2gp Rations (1 day) 5sp
Bedroll 1gp Clothes, Common 5sp
Potion of Healing 50gp Tinderbox 5sp
Holy Water 25gp Torch (5) 1sp
Waterskin 2sp Any Basic Kit2 Book
Arcane Focus Book Holy Symbol Book
Shovel 2gp Spellbook 50gp
Rope, hempen (50ft) 1gp Thieves’ Tools 25gp

1 Quarterstaves are long sticks. You don’t need to pay for a long stick. Unless, of course, you want it to be a very finely crafted long stick, in which case you can pay 2sp.

2 You may purchase any Kit listed under Adventuring Gear. You may not purchase anything listed under Tools.

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The Bazaar

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