The Erfolog Chronicle

Dwarves, Labyrinth's and Theft. Oh My!
It was another joyful walk in the jungle. We was sent on a mission to some temple that I forget the name of. First time travelling with this Elf, Farhand, I think that’s her name. Pretty space out most of the time, but cam wield the elements in some bazaar way. Its really not magic like spells and such, or I think its not. Also went with Lootcrate again, haven’t seen him since the fire elemental caves. He was civil since that whole small falling out in those caves. Got the the temple pretty fast and with no trouble. Dispatched the front guards and made our way down. Place was full of puzzles and traps and a nasty Dwarf. The Dwarf fell to Headdress with one might arrow, straight in his ugly mouth. The puzzles was deadly, murder my poor little imp, before I got to name it. After some time and many many levers pulled and pushed, we managed to get past this dragon craved door, only to find a dead dwarf and lamp. Out popped with wave of awesomeness and told us where to look for this, Ahpoptart. He was pretty nice, should have found a way to bring him home with us. Now, I overlooked just how far people will go. Never again. Stealing from your own team members is not the best way to keep them in your good graces, let alone destroy a tower(still mad at that). I am going to have to speak with Orek , I don’t want to be sent on missions with certain people, ever again. I can overlook the failings of bad actions, forgive most things…………..
The day we killed a Drow.
Yup, killed a Drow.
It was a nice day, rainy but not rainy in the fortcamp. Awoke from a nap on my tower to sounds of adventure. Nothing to bad happened, we almost died, got some nice items. Oh, also think me and “headdress” are finally getting off on a good note. We got back to towncampfort that’s when the excrement made physical contact with a hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device. THEY DESTROYED MY TOWER.

………….SO MAD!

real fear
the chronicles of death!

after having rested and gotten our strength back, we (the survivors of that ridiculous shipwreck) found another group of individuals that look to be strong enough to handle them selves out here in this harsh environment, i wanted to learn a little more about our new friends, so me and hedrius went with a few of them to speak with the panther tribe.
upon arriving they were being attacked by the scorpion tribe, as well as elemental fire spirits
when rhogar saw what the panthers were doing to the fire elementals he thought it would be a good idea to feed them a bit of their own medicine.. except when we actually met the king fire elemental it turns out he was interested in giving us a taste of ours instead..
and boy was it bitter!!
not to mention, this big mouth bard, who does nothing but hangs off the scaley testicle sack of rhogar was the sole reason we almost lost that fight… he cant be trusted.. he actually put rhogar to sleep while he was fighting that thing..and then it pretty much carved him into a fine sunday dinner.. then the bard started crying as if he didnt know the consequences of putting your allies to sleep while fighting a bloodthirsty monster!
luckily that pest ervok was around and resurrected him but damn that was a scare!
we defeated him.. and then out of nowhere the panther chieftan shows up through a damn secret entrance.. WTF?!
we leave there, only to be thrown into another fight.. it seems were doing alot of work for these damn tribesmen
and they dont even trust us…
we found that the attacking scorpion army is useless without the powers of thier dwarven leaders..yea.. DWARVES! we made short work of them.. while i took a much needed nap on the battlefield.. when i awoke i can only assume that rhogar killed everything because the entire army was gone and the penthers were up on the wall cheering..
aladar give me strength i hope i get off this island soon!


After arriving at the obelisk we all took a moment to study the carvings that adorned it. It was during this time that the quiet one made his escape. I am done chasing someone who wants nothing to do with me. The rest of the group concurred and left him to wander around in solitude. It was then that my traveling companions and I heard a mysterious voice. It echoed in our minds and indicated the presence of a powerful being. We could not locate the source or intention of the creature that spoke to us but it became clear that he wasn’t actively trying to kill us. At least not yet. As such, we made preparations to continue our journey. I ran up a tree and broke through the canopy to scout the area ahead of us. It was from this new vantage point that I noticed smoke in the distance. The color and size led me to believe that it originated at a forge. I reconvened with my party and discussed our options. We were all excited by this new sign of civilization and were eager to venture towards it. The travel was simple at first. We didn’t encounter any new tribesman or particularly dangerous beasts but the voice resurfaced in our heads. He identified himself as Ervock. This dark figure is the spirit of some long dead necromancer. He was released during our exploration of the crypt but doesn’t seem to be bound to us. We chose to ignore him for the time and continued on our way. We eventually reached a thicker grouping of trees. It became increasingly evident that the path ahead of us was unbeaten and shrouded in darkness. After devising a formation and affirming a need for subtlety Chi surprised us all. She has the ability to enhance the senses of those around her. She simply meditates and focuses her energy to manifest the ability. We protected her as she gathered the strength she needed. Her skill allowed us to see clearly in darkness and negated the need for torches as we traveled. We moved silently and swiftly through the thicket. Firahd, who led the way, noticed strange blankets of webbing woven through the trees ahead of us. Lokrathe cleared us a path with a gout of flame. The heat and light it produced summoned an impossible amount of spiders to our location. Among them were a few that stood taller then us. It was all we could do to punch a hole and escape before it closed. We exhausted our energy running for as long as we could. The voice returned. We bored him by fleeing. He summoned a horde of undead hands to amuse us. Lokrathe twiddled his fingers, mumbled some words, and made short work of them. Spellcasters amaze me sometimes. We continued on and made camp as soon as we found an area that seemed safe. I lit a fire, hunted a boar, and cooked some food for us. We also found a river a short distance away. We refilled our water skins and foraged for rations. It was here that we stumbled upon a corpse and some treasure. I’m sure that there was a larger story to unearth but we poked around enough subterranean structures for one week. We ended up at a great wall after traveling for a few more hours. It was the settlement we sought. Our welcome was surprisingly warm. We may have found the safe haven that we have been searching for.

The chronicles of New Dale Colony.
Told by Morthos

First things first, we spent some time at the camp to rest, study, pray and practice our craft. It was needed, if it wasn’t for Rhogar, I feel that we might not have come back. I didn’t get to spend much time with our Half-Orc shaman much, seeing as I think we don’t see eye to eye much, but still a good person to have around when things get rough. Me and Mathias on the other hand, spen a good deal of time together. He has a strong calling to the magic arts and needed some tutelage. I showed him what I could, I never had any formal training myself, but I could show him some basic hand motions and power words. Now, poor Milo, not much to say about him at all. We all saw him only a few times, trying to hide about and drop some eaves. Let not forget about every ones greatest Rhogar, he was trying to help the people here to defend themselves from everything but all he did was just hit them with sticks. We found it pretty funny.
Now on to bigger and better things. During some down time from our daily camp things, a SHIT ton of hands came marauding over the walls. Que battle music, Rhogar, Mathias and I blasted them spells and acidic bile to hold them off while Bar went to go see what was over the wall. She got up that wall like a Jackmonkey on pixie dust, then that thing left in a hurry and all the hands with it. End battle music. We ran hastily after it, it was kind enough to leave a trail of dead jungle to follow it. Came up to a clearing with a hut being built, then HANDS falling out of trees. Short battle, not even worth music. The hut just EXPLODED in flames! Out came a man yelling slander at us, but Rhogar knew how to speak his tongue. We was told about a wreck on the beach where this thing came from so we went there. Nothing really to say about this wreck, just found a few wands I believe. We heard the sounds of battle so we went off. We saw to tribes fighting, one was wearing snake scale buttflaps and the other had scorpion shoulders. Talk very quickly and ran off to aid the snake in their fight. Que epic battle music. The fighting lasted for days, Rhogar was like a murderous poet with his sword, every swing killed five people. Bar was summoning ancient spirits and healing rains to aid us in the glorious war. Mathias stood out, wearing that golden fullplate, those scorpion people threw everything they had at him and nothing could pierce it. We fought on all the way to a to the Snake people’s home. End epic battle music. Rhogar got challenged to a honor duel by the chieftain, lost in the fight, because the chief cheated. We eat and slept as honored guest and only awoke to EPIC BOSS FIGHT BATTLE MUSIC! It was this thing that we was hunted all along! We named it a hag and it brought a floaty skull pet( I kinda wanted it as a pet, but it was all killy) I ended up battling this skull that floats while the other took on the Hag. The skull could not touch me since I knew the lost art of the Five D’school, dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge. If you use those simple steps at life you cant loose. Sadly for the other they never went to Five D’school, so I played a haunting melody and put that thing to sleep, then they murdered it. I know anti climatic, but it worked.
We got back to here the camp chanting RHOGAR! RHOGAR! RHOGAR! Told the tell of our epic fights. to only find out there were new people with us now. But that is for another story, for now, I need some food and to laugh at Milo for a couple of hours. Oh yeah, he was locked up in a cage this whole time. I wonder if he ate or drank anything, I really don’t care. Night world, QUE closing theme and roll credits.

Chi's super secret diary of secretness.

Entry 1

The ruins was a bad idea to go into and I told everyone it was a bad idea, it spelt death!

I don’t know how great Lokrathe in seeing things that aren’t there but I saw death written on the walls and everywhere! Once we entered we saw a big tomb thingie in the center and I said I’ll wait outside and everyone should do the same but no, Lokrathe walks over and opens it!

Luckily nothing was in it but stairs leading into a darkness, now my hopes for the group rose when they decided this was a bad idea….only because it was to dark to see. After some wall spikes and skellingtons(I never knew a skeleton could turn its head around with an arrow sticking out of its head) If it weren’t for the vibe from the grumpy human gives all of us I would of just stood there in the room with him(and I really should have).

After a close encounter with dead things(called it) and a super shiny suit of armor(didn’t see that coming) we found our way to the bottom of the tomb and found another tomb and I guessed that it was another set of stairs but then why have normal stairs then another set of hidden stairs? But when Lokrathe open the crypt he found a bag. Then pops out a glowing floating thingie I think the grumpy calls a lesser beholder? specter? one of those two. Whatever it is, it’s creepy scary and after we killed it I ran, fast(sorry sis).

After everyone reunited we decided to rest in the room with the tomb with the….thing you keep the dead body in i etched my name into the tombs wall, if anyone who could read common sees it maybe they could find us and help. If I go another day without a bath I will go crazy!

Entry 2

I am fully confident that this island wants to kill us. Once we left the ruins and continued on the path we traveled and sure enough we immediately get ambushed by these scorpion butts on their shoulders. My big sister would have been proud of me though, I took out four of those humans at once and punched the spine of another human and cracked it to pieces! I just wish she were here….I miss her a lot. If its not the humans that want to kill us its the animals! They wanna eat us, the humans want to kill us (some), even trees want to kill us. trees, TREES! Well…a sassy tree, and thanks to that experience i now know what a shrub looks like staring angrily at someone.(Totally sorry for Firahd but that was so funny)

Our wood elf Firahd shot an arrow at a tree, Firahd the wood elf just out of no where, i am not joking. After seeing this we decided to move faster away, We could feel something was wrong with this tree and the arrow in its bark marked it.(duh) We walked in a complete circle without walking in a circle. Then as our wood elf (Who shot the arrow mind you) went to retrieve the arrow before further bad things happen to us…again.

Turns out the tree was alive and almost smashed Firahd. I told her to hug it and apologize! But does anyone ever listen to the small dragon child? Noooooooo. Needless to say we made it out of there alive, no thanks to Hedrius who missed a shot at the tree. I think none of us will ever let him down that he missed a tree with a bow and arrow.(poor human)

After those turn of events we made camp under a canopy under heavy rain…The dirt and grime area really starting to piss me off, If I don’t find a lake or a river soon I’ll cry…I want my teddy bear and warm bed…

silver lining
the story of the great balloon!

it was so bleak, that day..
not much chance for survival especially with one missing and 2 of us were LITERALLY frozen solid..
but a golden ray of sunlight shone through in the form of an arrow whistling through the dark and finding its mark dead in the center of a beholder.
i found a spelled bag, with some sort of infinite space inside.. what is this?
the contents of the bag include some eyes of that beholder
an axe, and a few scrolls.
im renewed in my thirst for adventure.
perhaps there IS something of use on this island to combat the powerful demons hunting me
and im willing to bet the natives of this land know its secrets… maybe ill find the information i seek soon.

A day in the camp.
The never ending story of Rhogar.



Rhogar was a man

I mean, he was a dragon man

Or maybe he was just a dragon

But he was still Rhogar!



Burninating the countryside,

Burninating the peasants

Burninating all the peoples

And their thatched-roof cottages!
Thatched-roof cottages!

When all the land is in ruins

And burnination has forsaken the countryside



And the Rhogar comes in the night . . .

Lokrathe's super secret journal!
the end of one, the beginning of another..

I always thought waking up on a strange island was one of those hypothetical questions people always ask you.. needless to say i know what i would bring.. a friggin army!
everything out here wants to kill you, including the dilapidated structures that why they call them ruins?

I have no idea how in the nine hells i survived that storm, the ship was battered nearly to splinters but not me! i woke up on a beach, along with less than a handful of other survivors..
(i use this term loosely because so far survivng is something we seem to be having to relearn.)

- Theres a silent one with his head in his books or up his ass.. i cant tell yet.. maybe i havent decided.
- Another one seems to be full of great ideas and very resourceful
- A third is inquisitive and pretty spry, but i think we make him nervous or maybe hes having a bad day..
- The fourth is some sort of dragonthingy.. im not sure..but it can breath fire thats cool..
im not so sure those things are useful in society.. but smack dab in the middle of nowhere when everything wants to kill you.. there are no coincidences.

not even awake for an hour and there are giant axe-faced birds hunting us..
one of us took a pretty nasty shot to his chest, he’s lucky to have survived.

while walking i stumbled upon some sort of insect swarm trap.. i got out, but they didnt care
they almost ate the dragonthing.. but between me and the other caster we got rid of the pesky critters.

and then..

we found an old ruined mausoleum and a sarcophagus in the middle containing a stairway down.. most of them thought it was a bad idea.. but me.. i knew it was a good idea..
what could lie down here in this undisturbed tomb.. so many people bury their dead and revered with valuable items and ancient knowledge!
there has to be something of use down there!
besides its not like getting off this island will get us back to safety..

i feel so much stronger now, perhaps a step in the right direction.. the path is paved with danger but its just training for what lies ahead..

The Wilds: Part 1
Jungle Adventures and New Comrades

Entry 1:

To whom it my concern,

My name is Rhogar of clan Yarjerit, I write this now as a record of my journey. I am currently stranded on a continent which the humans who accompany me are calling “The Wilds”. I am here now as a result of a shipwreck caused by a shitty human helmsman who is now dead. Justice. I fled my homeland of Xanacar after the attack of Bhaalfolgahg, that cursed snake, and since then I have only known hardship. Now, my burden grows.

Food, supplies and more importantly ,strong drink, are scarce. I do not know how much longer we will last here in the confines of this derelict fort. Multiple parties of humans have been sent into the jungle to gather food and look for supplies, many come back missing members and some never come back at all, weaklings.

The ‘leader’ of this makeshift band of refugees is Orik, not someone I would consider noteworthy in any way, but the other humans seem content enough to let him guide them. I will follow for now.

There are only so many days these humans can go without food and those in my makeshift encampment seem to be nearing their limit. At the behest of Orik I will travel with a band of misfits into this hateful jungle and retrieve the supplies we so desperately need. There are four others. The first, a large half-orc woman who says she will make herself useful, but I don’t see how. I am sure her mammalian milk sacks will only slow us down in our trek through the wilds. The second, a human ‘warrior’. I have not seen him in combat and cannot comment on his worthiness. He will be tested in the jungle. The third is a tiny half-man. He may be useful only for gathering mushroom and roots from small holes which are too small for others. At worst we can use him as bait. The forth is small half-demon, he is quite, I am not sure what to think of him, maybe also bait.

We are gathering now to venture into the heart of the wilds. When I return I will notate how the others died.

Entry 2:

We have all returned gloriously! We journeyed far across the island and learned much, far more than any of the other parties before us. All of my party members exceeded my expectations. It turns out the woman is a healer, which came is useful as the tiny ones were almost eaten by bears and undead respectively. The human turns out to be a warrior of great skill, for a human. We struck down many foes together. There were also manly high-fives. The small half-man has very keen eyes and alerted me once to a trap. Not that I hadn’t seen it already, but it showed initiative on his part to inform me. The half-demon also saved us from being buried alive with his quick thinking. He used an explosive trap meant to bury us as a means of escape. I thought of the same thing only moment before, but I let him execute the strategy. All may share in my glory.

We located another fort across the island filled with many supplies including a small fortune of salt. After constructing a sturdy sled of my own design I alone dragged the cargo across the island for 3 days with no rest as the others sat upon it cheering my name.

Upon on successful return Orik showered me with praise. There was some ale left which had been kept in hiding and it was given to me as a gift. Even as I write this I am finishing my 12th glass. It is good to be Rhogar.


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