The Erfolog Chronicle

Dwarves, Labyrinth's and Theft. Oh My!


It was another joyful walk in the jungle. We was sent on a mission to some temple that I forget the name of. First time travelling with this Elf, Farhand, I think that’s her name. Pretty space out most of the time, but cam wield the elements in some bazaar way. Its really not magic like spells and such, or I think its not. Also went with Lootcrate again, haven’t seen him since the fire elemental caves. He was civil since that whole small falling out in those caves. Got the the temple pretty fast and with no trouble. Dispatched the front guards and made our way down. Place was full of puzzles and traps and a nasty Dwarf. The Dwarf fell to Headdress with one might arrow, straight in his ugly mouth. The puzzles was deadly, murder my poor little imp, before I got to name it. After some time and many many levers pulled and pushed, we managed to get past this dragon craved door, only to find a dead dwarf and lamp. Out popped with wave of awesomeness and told us where to look for this, Ahpoptart. He was pretty nice, should have found a way to bring him home with us. Now, I overlooked just how far people will go. Never again. Stealing from your own team members is not the best way to keep them in your good graces, let alone destroy a tower(still mad at that). I am going to have to speak with Orek , I don’t want to be sent on missions with certain people, ever again. I can overlook the failings of bad actions, forgive most things…………..


BakaPenguin morelune

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