Identified Magic Items

Tiara of Empowered Healing
Possessed by: Bär Jude Gideon

  • 6 Charges Daily
  • 2 Charges to Maximize a Healing spell (Max Possible Roll)
  • 2 Charges to Empower a Healing Spell (50% more dice)

Bracers of Melee Power
Possessed by: Rhogar Yarjerit

  • 1 charge per level (Max 10)
  • 1 charge to make weapon +1 for 1 round
  • 2 charges to make weapon deal double damage on the next attack

Cestus of Meditative Healing
Possessed by: Chi Gideon

  • Spend 2 ki points to cause your next attack to heal all characters (enemy and friendly) within 10 feet of the target for the damage you deal. Does not heal the target.

Breastplate of Protection
Possessed by: Bär Jude Gideon

  • +1 to Armor Class

Ring of Evasion
Possessed by: Mathias Hawke

  • Grants the Evasion ability

Supremely Accurate Longbow
Possessed by: Hedrius

  • +1 to Attack and Damage Rolls

Magic Arrows
Possessed by: Hedrius

  • Fireball Arrow, DC14, 8d6
  • Fire Arrow, 1d6
  • Frost Arrow, 1d6, roots target, DC14
  • Cure Arrow, Heals target 1d6

Gloves of swimming and climbing
Possesed by. Lokrathe Morthok

  • gives wearer proficiency on athletics checks made to swimming and climbing rolls

+1 arcane focus of vitality
Possesed by. Lokrathe Morthok

  • +1 to all spell attacks and dmg
  • gives the user +1 temporary hp per level that recharges on a short rest

Goggles of Night
Possessed by:

  • Grants the wearer darkvision 60 ft.
  • If the wearer has darkvision, increase by 60 ft.

Drow Poison Arrows
Possessed by:

  • On hit, deal an additional 1d6 poison damage, and the target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution save of be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.

Identified Magic Items

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